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Since 1996, the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation, Inc. (NLYF) has dedicated itself to helping disadvantaged youth, especially Native Americans, by developing, promoting and sponsoring programs and relationships that foster self-esteem, leadership qualities and skills, and encourage youth to be positive assets to their communities.

NLYF was founded by former NFL place kicker, Nick Lowery. Programs that NLYF has worked to promote include: Adult Role Models for Youth (ARMY), Youthfriends, Native Vision, and Nation Building for Native Youth (NBNY). The Foundation′s newest program, NEXT ("New Extraordinary Examples of Trascendant" Leadership) is a program that will use the metaphor of tribal sovereignty and self-determination to develop the future generation of leaders among a broad sector of American youth in both cities and rural areas.

NLYF works with diverse coalitions of families, tribes, communities, schools, businesses, organizations and foundations on a local, regional and national basis to work with youth of all kinds of learning styles and backgrounds. NLYF strongly believes that everyone has leadership potential regardless of personality style. The key is developing self-awareness and confidence and practicing skills that enable people to successfully operate alone, in teams and groups and within the larger community or organization. All NLYF programs include a cultural heritage paradigm that the world demands today.

NLYF Programs include:

  • Leadership Institutes (two to three 3-5 day programs annually)

  • Advisor training and materials

  • On-going mentoring and technical assistance.

  • Onsite workshops & presentations with organizations, schools, businesses and tribes.B.A. & J.D. University of Oklahoma

The Nick Lowery Youth Foundation
is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Arizona.

Special thanks to. . .
. . .the UPS Foundation and the Lee Kreindler Foundation for their generous support.


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